Chic Chick – What’s For Dinner ? Fast Food On A Calorie Budget!!!🙏


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I’m hungry NOW!!! What can I eat and not Hate me at around 9pm tonight.

I’m Hungry!!

Well depending on your allotment of calories. I am 1200 in the winter and 1400 in the summer. I have another 900 left for dinner and snacks. I did not meal plan over the weekend. So, i can’t go in the fridge and pop in dinner. Nor have i grocery shopped. I was busy this weekend. So what to do.

Here are a few on my go to. Filling 900 calories or less calories options

Any Tokyo Joe Signature Bowl. Except the Mahi-Mahi bowl it’s 910 calories.

Chipotle bowls. The have meal plan specific bowl. No problem with this one.

Last if you are starving!!! Jack in the Box Chicken Fajita Pita Whole Wheat. It’s 320 calories so two will be 640 plus a small salad. No fries.

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