Denim Love Affair❤️

Denim jeans  Ain’t what they use to be. Not the fit. The fit of a good pair of jeans was and is a personal journey, that you and your body sojourned on. However, the texture and quality of denim has ghastly deceased over the last 20 years. Manufacturers have replaced cotton with spandex. Jeans today give you a better fit, but the quality is not there. They are lighter, and not the all season wear they use to be. These days to find a good pair of jeans,you literally have to shop in the past. Nothing compares to a good thrift store haul. Who cares if you have to drop them by the taylor? Levi does. They are taking the classic 501 and making them straIght and narrow. So at least we have immediate gratification after shopping. Even if the quality hasn’t come back.



          Levi 501 $98                                                    Lucky Brand Sweet & Low $88.89


And a little of the anti- denim, the dress.  These are some lovely pieces by Tracy Reese #SP17





  Ok back to denim. I made some style edits of my own for your viewing pleasure.


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