Long story short, I am a body product girls. Well, let’s just say I love products and magazines. Especially, products in magazines. This month I’ve tried three that I am recommending. 
The OIL by CODAGE is a subtle mixture of 8 exceptional oils with 8 synergetic effects. Specially formulated for the body, face and hair, its unique texture adapts itself to every need and skin type. Coconut oil (organic) – NOURISHING; Sweet almond oil – SOOTHING; Baobab oil (organic) – RESTRUCTURING; Macadamia oil – DRAINAGE; Apricot oil – RADIANCE; Hazelnut oil – PROTECTIVE; Grape seed oil – ANTIOXIDANT; Pomegranate oil – ANTI-AGING.

Since, I’m not getting paid for this I shall say no more. But these products are the business ladies.
– Chic Brown Chik

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“If you are always trying to
be normal, you will never kniw how AMAZING you are.

Maya angelou
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