My Career in 40’dom…

As a older worker, I am experienced and unwanted. No, it does not bother me . I hate Corporate culture, it’s ineffective , cliquey, and just depressing. That’s why I have my own agency. I have worked as a freelance consultant since 2012. Yes, money gets tight, and some clients just plain suck. But, I know one thing for sure. I work for me buddy. I do not want to be here onsite full time. Yes, I need more small contracts to fill in, while I wait on my big jobs. But I’m ok for now. I have brought the big house with the status car. Now, I want to be “bailable” for my love and my grandson.

Work is important but it does not define me. I want to fly to New York for the holiday’s and not have to ask someone younger than me is it ok. I control my time. That’s something money can’t buy, Time.

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