I moved to the New York area last year. But, let’s start with an introduction. If you don’t follow the Chic Brown Chik, I was born and raised in the South. I have visited the North East many times. But a complete move last years, was a bit of a shock. It was a great move for my relationship. Our love went to another level. It is not perfect. It never will be. But we are working toward the middle.. With that said, I love/hate the NorthEast. Despite all efforts, the food compared to the South is bland. The people are fake-friendly. The streets are real dirty.

Southern women

As a Southern woman, I am obligated to give my opinion. We truly have no feelings about anything. But our God, husband, children, garden, house, and reputation. So with all due respect the NorthEast kind of sucks. I am happy-ish here. My love and I, go to New York on the weekends. We go to all the major sites and festivals on the NorthEast, and there are a lot. But there’s nothing like a New Orleans party, or a Houston traffic jam. You will never forget hearing live Blues on Beale Street. So, I am never truly happy here. I miss the South. Wooooowwwww…..

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“If you are always trying to
be normal, you will never kniw how AMAZING you are.

Maya angelou
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