LET’S WORK IT OUT!! Rules to getting back together.


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I recently went on a week long vacation to repair my broken four year relationship. Let’s put it this way. I put in my resignation, and was happy to be free. I alway felt if a person miss treats you, get the hell out. It was not physical, but emotional abuse is just as bad.

Well, karma is a total beast and got him…fast… Not to say, I Was perfect the whole four years either. But when he sent the “I Miss You” text after a month apart and I missed him too. So we travelled down “Let’s Work It Out” lane. Of course there is lots of emotions and reasons. But if you want to get back together, and let go of the pain. Here are some pointers..

1. You both need to work at the NEW relationship. Your relationship will never be the same. It is now Us 2.0. We say what we feel, we love harder than before., This us is not the us pre-affair.

2. It’s not about the Other Person. As much as we want to know.  The Other person is. Irrelavant. It happened due to your partner letting it happen. Address all your concerns to your partner, and ask them Why.

3. You have to forgive yourself first. Yes, forgive yourself for ignoring the signs and pretending that the affair was not happening.

4. Cry in front of him. Smile in front of him. Get jealous in front of him. Kiss him harder. Pamper him. Heal in front of him. You still the Woman that LEFT HIM. You are not a door mat. You’ll do it again. He got the memo. Now be human.

5. Let it Go…. Relationships should be called HomeWork. Cause it is the work you do when you are at home. Work on your Love. If you love the Man, give him all of your Love, That includes your Trust. IF he messes up again. LEAVE and Change your number. Let him be happy without you, cause that is what you will be Happy!!

Now go get it how you live it…


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  1. LET’S WORK IT OUT!! Rules to getting back together. – A CHIC CHIK JOURNEY…FROM ORDINARY TO LEGENDARY.. Avatar
    LET’S WORK IT OUT!! Rules to getting back together. – A CHIC CHIK JOURNEY…FROM ORDINARY TO LEGENDARY..

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