I have to admit cool is more of a character trait than a attitude. It’s not your job, race or clothes that makes you cool. Like you can’t buy class, you can’t buy cool. For example P. Diddy is not cool. He is the purveyor of cool.. Future is cool, but has no class. Drake has class, but has lower himself to appear cool.,. Johnny Depp is cool, but he is a no limits solider. Brad Pitt is not cool, he is bourgeoisie. Can women be cool? Yes. But it take a lot longer, because women live for other women’s approval. That is anti-cool. But let me point out a few., Martha Steward.I’man. Iris Appel

Cool is a state of being. How you live your life. What you are not ashamed to chase. Usually for a cool kat it’s never sex. Cool kats are the definition of their cool. Cool chases the best wine, best experience, their best life. Sex can never be that. Sex is fleeing and private. Cool people live out loud. Do you?

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“If you are always trying to
be normal, you will never kniw how AMAZING you are.

Maya angelou
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