The Murder Of Emmett Till

Emmett Till

Emmett Till

I, first heard the story of Emmett Till in 1988. I was a junior in high school. I, didn’t read it in history class. I, heard it at the lunch room table. The boy telling the story, told it like it had just happened. I went home and asked my mom. “Have you heard what they did to Emmett Till?” I asked in horror. My momma looked at me with saddened eyes. “Yes,baby. We know.” That was it.

The ghost of Emmett Till still haunted school lunch rooms in the South. Students still told his story nearly 40 years later like it was yesterday, The murder of Emmett Till transformed a nation. When, those students heard 40 years before they stood up and walked out of the past,l. They had their Saint. The blood of the innocent cried out. And Emmett’s peers answered.  It was said that Emmett never coward to the grown men that beat him, that’s why the killed him, they couldn’t break him, He is the unbroken Spirt of the Civil Rights Movement. It doesn’t matter the generation. The unbroken soul of Emmett Till will continue to whisper his story into the ears of youth in high school lunchrooms. Igniting the fire of justice until Emmett finds peace,

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