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When is the last time you went into your bathroom, and said “I love it in  here!!!” I mean seriously, how many of us sit in the throne room of our dreams? If not, here are some quick, easy and fun and some are  reversible (so you can your deposit back) ideas..


Put up a temporary Mural. Back in the day (1950’s)  you had to commit, when it came to murals. Refined upper middle class housewives had classical art murals installed in their formal dining room. Where they stayed forever. NO MORE!!!

Wallpaper has come a very long way. Below is an example of a wallpaper mural that you can install in your bathroom. Awesome! Right?

I like to call this print,”the olde fashion”.

The Erstwhile Collection by Milton King (Burke Decor)

The Victory Mural Burke Decor $425

Is The Victory Mural to old school for your taste? Below is a hip, chic option to jazz up your throne room.

 Burke Decor $165

Wood Details

Wood details like wood paneled walls, a wood floor, and wood accents can give your bathroom a warm and inviting feel. Wood is a natural element and it will make your queendom feel cozy. Using natural materials like wood or house plants help you feel closer to nature and make it easier to relax quickly.

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