I promised myself, I wouldn’t let life change me. I will be nice. I will stay true to my Southern roots and speak to strangers. BUT… the last 2 years have been trying. Hell 2016, may go down as the worst year on record. Not only have the last few years been spiritually draining, but now the Republic is under attack. And YES that was a Star Wars pun. Anyway, now that a Slit Lord is President. Please allow me to be your Mace Windu, in this resistance movement.. and guide you to the many pleasures of tuning out the Dark Empire and tuning in to the Force. I promise, I am NOT a TRUE Star Wars fan. But, in these times of peril we must focus on the good in the universe. One of those goods, is the legalized Recreational  marijuana in five states. I am seeing a mighty resistance movement spa weekend in our collective  future….. .


Kush & Wine T shirt $30                                                                       Deep Inside Shirt $30


Cannabis  Kush, weed Mary Jane, whatever you want to  call it…by any other name is still illegal in most states.But,  Wine and Weed are wonderful together!!! To enjoy the combo without the paranoia of being busted, and having a drug charge on your record you must visit one the states that have now made it legal. However, I am not so daring. So, I wear the Kush and Wine t-shirt, and when people ask me what she is smoking. I say cig, with a glass of Cabarnet.


I have found SOME  great wine clubs online that I LOVE!!! Let me be clear these are membership clubs. Which mean you get a box of curated wines monthly for  a monthly fee. Now if you are like me, than  3 to 4 bottles of  Jesus juice a month is just fine. If you drink 3 to 4 bottles a week, well ok. But if you only pull the cork occasionally. Than a wine club is an excellent choice. And while you ‘re upgrading your wine life. Add this chic little bar to your collection. Then watch everyone just adore your style…


Olympus Bar Cart  $279.99


Plonk Wine Club  I hate liquor stores, so I LOVE wine clubs. The idea that I do not have to get out of my car, and stand there trying to look all educated about wine. Plonk makes it insanely easy to have a variety of wine in-house without on the weird extend browsing.  Plonk is also excellent club for beginners, because they make the wine selections based on your preference. How easy is that?

Plonk Wine Club

WINC  If you are a bit of a wine whore. You know the kind of woman, that’s likes a good bottle of wine every night. But you don’t necessarily want to marry it or see it again after tonight. Than WINC is you club. This club buys directly from the winery, so you can correctly brag that you got it from the winery. And you never get the same bottle twice. So don’t love in love with one, he will break your heart.

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