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This is a TRUTH my Chic Chik’s…If he texts anything, after One month with the new girl. It didn’t work out with her. He didn’t miss you. He found out that all that glitters ain’t gold. Now what?

He sucks…

It’s not really her. She would be great, if he wasn’t a jerk. But he is. So what do you do? You still love him, right. You haven’t had enough pain. Well if you take him back. Remember. It’s about you. Don’t invest your emotions in him to soon.Have fun. Protect your heart. Don’t dream of marriage and the white picket fence. Don’t jump back in so deep. He will want you to. He is going to feel insecure, because the relationship is broken. And he broke it. Don’t be quick to forgive. Let him earn your trust. He’s got to give up the code to the phone. All access to his personal domain, with no Hesitation. And when you guys are apart he has to call you at prime booty call time. No more freedom. If he can’t do those things. Show him the door. Or for Millennials – Ghost Him.

The Chic Brown Chick #chicbrownchik

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“If you are always trying to
be normal, you will never kniw how AMAZING you are.

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