At 73, Grace Jones Is Still The Most Fabulous Beauty Icon We Have

Grace Joned

It’s hard not to feel delighted while perusing photographs of Grace Jones, who turns 73 today. Born in Jamaica, she quickly rose to prominence in the ’70s as a singer, model and actress, working with everyone from Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin to Yves Saint Laurent – and famously frequenting Studio 54. With a powerful, disco-led aesthetic – from those wonderfully striking Philip Treacy headpieces to her lurex, sharp-shouldered suits and all manner of shine – she also pioneered a beauty look as fantastical, directional and uniquely her as her ensembles. She is, to put it simply, the epitome of fabulous.

The cheekbones! The eyeshadow! The brows! The hair! Every element of her look is as distinctive as the last, and has paved the way for a number of enduring trends, in both the beauty and fashion worlds. In fact, of her iconic shaved hair, she once said: “It made me look more abstract, less tied to a specific race or sex or tribe. I was Black but not Black; woman, but not woman; American, but Jamaican; African, but science-fiction.” We are truly not worthy.

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