My Funny Valentines 👩🏽‍💻

I seem to meet the same man. It doesn’t matter the race. It doesn’t matter the income. I meet him.

So after 30 years of dating and marriage and shackin’ up. I have finally figured it out. I love the crazy type. I mean if the man ain’t batshit, I’m out of my element. I’ve tried normal before. He’s the one that got away. In high school, I hooked him up with my cousin. Cause she was worst than me. But as life likes to play cruel jokes on the smart. That was dumb, and I have lived to regret it. So, for Valentines Day. I vow to never look back. Never say I have never met my Mr. Right. To never again blame the man. This Valentines, I own my love failures. Keep it Chic. Keep it classy.💋

#lovelife#chicbrownchick #relationshipgoals #lifestyleblog #chicbrownchik #lovewars #valentinesday

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