3 Reasons Why Emily In Paris is Le’Garbage and a National Embarrassment. FR😡


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Ok..I have watched this series. So, I am not going to state the obvious reason anyone over 16 years old would turn this off, Immediately.,, Emily literally dressed like a 16 year old who has never picked up Vogue. Let alone a French Vogue. Or the idea that a major International Marketing firm would send a 25 year old, who doesn’t speak the language to head up an expansion into a foreign market. I knew this was just bad American TV. I’m use to it. I mean, forgive me . But Friends.

These two reasons alone are enough to press the stop button. Heck, these happen in the first episode. But,the worst offense in my opinion is Emily In Paris does to French culture what Sabrina The Teenage Witch did to the Wiccan culture. Dumbed it down, added a laugh track and a fake cat,

So without any further delay. The main reason you should not watch Emily In Paris-

1. You are over 16 years old

2. You have seen a Vogue magazine. Ever!!!

3. You are not a dumb American.

If you want to watch a series based on Parisian 20somethings work life,love friendships. Try The Hookup Plan. Or Parisian life try Stuck Together. . Both on Netflix and both far superior in quality than Emily In Paris.

Wait wasn’t Emily In Paris a YA book??

Stay Chic #vogue

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