The Benefits of using Castor Oil and Uterine Wellness!


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So the other day while sitting in Savasana. a idea entered my mind. Why not use castor oil inter-vaginally to relieve uterine inflammation from fibroids. Well, of course I am no doctor of any kind. So, I went to my family physician, Dr. Google. My concern was first is it safe to insert castor oil inside my vagina. Then, which essential oil can I added to add booster the anti inflammatory effect I want to achieve.

The Uterus

Well girls. This is what I learned. First you can indeed insert castor oil inside your vagina. I was shocked to learned that inserting castor oil also relieve a UTI as well yeast infections. It’s a homeopathic remedy that will help you keep the use of antibiotic to minimum. Castor oil is a ancient medicine used by the Egyptian in the mummification process. And , more uses in Ayurveda include healing vaginal lesions, promoting lactation, in enemas, and for treatment of vaginal infections.* author Ellen Heed PHD.

Ricinoleic acid is one of the active ingredients in castor oil. It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, analgesic, and hepatoprotective (liver protective) properties. It is a fatty soluble oil that is absorbed by the lymphatic system and not the bloodstream. That’s all I needed to read. Thank you Dr. Heed PHD.

Next, what essential oil can I add to the castor oil to aid in my recover. I did more research and found that Clary Sage has anti inflammatory properties as well. But, all reports state to only use externally. So I will stick with that. Even though I did put a drop in with the castor oil. What happened. Well, my va-j-j smelled like a flower the next day. Really, I almost put my head up there it smelled so good. I waited for the after effects before doing anything else. No, itching or dryness. No foul smell. Just flowers. Anyway. The only warning here is both Clary Sage and Castor Oil are not for use by pregnant women. Both are known to induce labor.

As for inflammation. Well, beginning one hour after insertion. I went to the bathroom every hour for half a day. The next night just castor oil, no clary sage. Same then, except no flowery va-j-j/ The constant bathroom trips are annoying. But can I feel my lower abdomen shrinking. Yes. In only two day, I am down one pound. It’s just water weight, but I do feel the castor oil is helping my lymphatic system move toxins out of my uterus and lower abdomen. I will see after a complete week of castor oil treatments and my cervix is open enough for the oil to get inside my uterus. That is where I hope the oil can do the most good, where my fibroids are. I will let you know. Stay Well!!

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