Over 40 And Overweight? Are you really Out of Control and Suicidal?


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At some point you’re not big boned. Excess weigh is simply unhealthy on Everyone except a babies.

I know these words are harsh. But unless we get honest with life facts. You can’t live in truth. Obesity is the leading health crisis in some communities. We can point the finger at systemic issues and poverty. But the truth is obesity is a choice.

Morbid obesity is a sign of someone out of control and suicidal. Because just like drug abuse. Food addiction leads to one of two places. The “jail” of isolation in a bed or your home . Or DEATH!!

If you see a lifelong comfort and friend in this image, You are a good addict,

Let’s get real. If you’re overweight you’re suicidal. Ask your doctor. It’s time to put food in its place and take control,

Stay Chic!!!

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“If you are always trying to
be normal, you will never kniw how AMAZING you are.

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